On Nov 18th, Mohamed Abdi was found dead at a car dealership in Edmonton. He died two days after getting kicked out from The Ranch Roasthouse under unclear circumstances. Unfortunately, the 20-year-old froze to death because he didn’t have enough money to ride a cab. Abdi’s family is planning to sue for wrongful death because their son got kicked out when temperatures were -16C.

Are you experiencing a similar situation like Abdi’s family? Umbrella Law specializes in personal injury lawsuits. We will help you get the best compensation package in the following cases.

1. Motor vehicle accident

Are you currently nursing injuries caused by a reckless driver? These injuries not only cause pain and suffering, but they also affect patients financially. Some people have to adopt a part-time schedule in order to manage physical pain and this reduces their income significantly.

Umbrella Injury Law will help you get the best expert witnesses in town. You need them to prove the defendant’s liability based on scientific facts.

2. Slip and fall

This can occur where there’s a faulty escalator. You’re on your way up when it abruptly increases speed causing you to lose balance. The sudden movement causes you to fall on your head and roll down the flight of steps. How will you get the building’s management to compensate you for the nasty physical injuries? By hiring a personal injury lawyer.

We will help you get the best compensation deal by representing you in settlement talks with the defendant’s legal team. This way, you avoid giving out any statements that might discredit your claim.

3. Animal attack

Animal attacks are dangerous because some cause physical injuries and illnesses at the same time. For instance, a bite from a rabid dog puts you at a high risk of contracting rabies. If the bite occurred on or near your hand, it affects you financially because your productivity decreases during the healing period.

In order to avoid using your own money treating such injuries, get in touch with us to help you get a nice compensation check. We’ll make sure you have enough to treat any long-term or recurring conditions that may manifest later on.

4. Wrongful death

Wrongful death is painful because death is irreversible. It also has a permanent effect on families that only had one breadwinner. A family might be forced to move to a smaller home due to financial constraints. The children’s education also gets affected when one moves to overcrowded cities.

We’ll help you get your life back on track by proving liability and use the best approach to determining what you should get for experiencing pain and suffering.

5. Personal Injury

This happens in several situations. You’re at a concert then some unruly fans throw bottles on stage. The artiste’s security team jumps into the crowd and assaults a bunch of people, including innocent ones. Should you let the security team go away Scott free because they were acting in self-defense?

Not at all. You can hire a personal injury attorney to get the defendant’s team to explain how they identified you as a suspect. Having a lawyer at your corner will also help you push for a big compensation check rather than settling for a small settlement.

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Rather than hope for the best, take charge of your situation by speaking to a qualified personal injury attorney for free.

Here’s why you should do it.

1. Speak to the right source

While there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice from family and friends, one cannot ignore the fact that these sources have very little or no background knowledge in personal injury cases. The laws differ from one state to another and they’re complex for a layman.

On the other hand, dialing +1 678-607-5550 number gives you direct communication with an attorney who has sufficient academic qualifications and real-life experience representing personal injury victims in court.

2. Get instant feedback

Have you ever noticed that some websites that ask you to leave your contacts and messages rarely respond to queries on time? Perhaps you’ve tried calling the number appearing on the website but it’s dead. It’s really frustrating when you need information urgently but end up following dead leads.

If you want instant replies to your questions, make sure you dial this number+1 678-607-5550. You won’t get redirected to an automated response system because we’re actually interested in having a conversation with you.

3. Get free advice that’s relevant to your legal problem

Our customer care team consists of personal injury attorneys. When you call, you get the opportunity to explain your current situation to a caring attorney. He or she will carefully listen to your situation then offer advice that’s personalized. This information is actually more reliable than what you would find on a random online Personal Injury forum.

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