Why You Need To Hire Us “Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta”?

Some health insurance providers don’t pay specialists and this means that an accident victim would have to pay these providers out of their own pockets. It’s no secret that medical specialists are really expensive. Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll be able to clear your medical bills without heavy borrowing and can’t seem to find a good solution? Have you considered hiring one of our Atlanta personal injury attorneys?

If you’re tired of spending sleepless nights due to injuries sustained at work, recreational area, or a direct result of a defective product, then you need our Atlanta personal injury attorneys.

A. Is it worth it to hire a personal injury attorney Atlanta?

If you have minor injuries, you’ll get full compensation without needing help from an attorney. However, businesses or individuals at fault usually do their best to avoid liability when a severe physical injury occurs at their premises. That’s why most insurance companies retain lawyers for such situations.

For instance, when a construction worker falls and breaks their limbs, the insurance company’s  lawyer will do his or her best to find any evidence to deny the victim full compensation. If you’re facing such a situation, you need a personal injury attorney based in Atlanta to protect your rights.

In order to get full compensation, you need to have an attorney well versed in  Georgia insurance and personal injury law. Why? Because not all injuries have the same solution and a qualified personal injury attorney can help you navigate those unchartered waters.

B. When to hire a personal injury attorney?

Most people assume that personal injury lawyers only deal with auto and truck accidents. The truth is that you need one after sustaining significant injuries as a direct result of  any of the following events.

1. Dog Bites without provocation

Let’s assume you’re at the mall and someone’s dog bites your calf deeply. You experience pain and suffering as a direct result of the bite. Since the dog’s teeth might be infected, you’ll need urgent medical attention.

Perhaps the pain was so intense that you had to take a couple of days off. In this situation, a personal injury lawyer will help you build a solid case against the offender because he or she neglected to restrain the dog while walking in public.

2. Injuries sustained at recreational venues

Sometimes accidents happen when you least expect it. For instance, a thrill seeker might get on a roller coaster looking for fun but halfway through the ride something goes wrong.   The passenger suffers multiple broken bones and cannot longer handle their day to day responsibilities.  This individual can’t work and their income is highly affected.  A personal injury attorney will help the injured passenger get full compensation by proving negligence on the recreational park’s management.

Have you ever attended a concert or match that ended prematurely due to a sudden outburst of violence? If you suffered significant injuries while fleeing for safety, hiring a personal lawyer will help you identify all liable parties that owe you compensation.

3. Injuries sustained at your place of work

The nature of these cases are hard to solve because employers usually have an upper hand. An organization might threaten the victim with unemployment if he or she refuses to accept a ridiculous compensation. However, if he or she rejects it, the company’s lawyer will use scare tactics so that the victim admits liability. This is illegal and you should rise against it by getting a personal lawyer.

In this situation, your lawyer will obtain records showing the machinery’s maintenance dates to check for negligence. They will also find out whether you had fatigue due to overworking by assessing your job duties and daily working hours.

4. Injuries to your child

Injured minors require their guardians or parents to file for compensations on their behalf. For instance, your son in junior high is about to take a dive but the diving board breaks. This causes your son to land in an awkward position and suffer various injuries.  You would need a personal injury attorney to protect your right to recovery.

A good lawyer would help you get compensation by investigating the quality of the diving board, the presence of a lifeguard, and the availability of rescue equipment. Doing this prevents the school’s administration from using intimidation on your child to avoid liability.

5. Injuries sustained in public transport

Do you need a personal injury attorney if you get serious injuries as a result of a bus, subway or train accident? Yes, you should.  These types of claims are particularly time sensitive and may require advance writing to the state, municipality or county.

Just like a truck accident, several parties may be responsible for your injuries. You need a lawyer to determine the identity of the parties and their respective liabilities for full compensation.

6. Defective products

Did you know that you’re entitled to compensation when you unknowingly buy a defective product? In 2016, Samsung had to recall millions of the newly released Note 8 Smartphone to avoid paying hefty compensations. Why? Because most buyers noted that their phones exploded while charging. Samsung admitted that the Note 8 had technical issues and that’s why buyers didn’t pay anything to get replacements.

Some car accidents happen because of a faulty or defective vehicle component. Since this has nothing to do with you or another driver, your personal injury attorney will expose the manufacturer’s fault.

7. Car Accidents

You’re entitled to compensation from the driver at fault for any personal injuries due to negligent driving.  A personal injury lawyer enables you to get compensation to the full extent allowed by law.

8. Truck accidents

Truck accidents involve multiple parties. You need solid legal counsel to determine the extent of liability for all parties.

Build up a strong case today!

After reading the situations that require you to have a personal injury attorney by your side, you now understand your rights as a victim. Don’t wait for the liable party to offer you a low ball offer! Don’t speak to the at fault party’s attorney or insurance adjusters without having your own Atlanta personal injury attorney present. Call the Fitzpatrick Firm for all personal injury cases. We’re strong and tough in the courtroom yet gentle on our clients and we get it that you do not know all the laws and we do.