Why You Should Choose Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta Very Carefully!

Criminal charges bring a lot of shame to the accused. A victim cannot lead a joyous social life because everywhere they go, there are people whispering and pointing fingers at them. This negative attention can lead to anxiety disorders or mental depression. Criminal defense attorneys Atlanta exists to help you build up a strong defense against such charges.

Why do you need a good lawyer? It’s because your entire freedom depends on presenting highly credible facts and finding weaknesses in the prosecution. You don’t want to waste a lot of money on a half-baked lawyer only to end up with an undeserved jail sentence.

A. 8 Reasons why you should hire criminal defense attorneys Atlanta

1. Determine whether the police made a legal arrest

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for more than a decade, then you know how police get biased against residents from certain neighborhoods. Police take advantage of the suspect’s low-income status and totally disregard their rights during an arrest.

You can avoid jail time by hiring a lawyer to examine your arrest. It’s important because it determines whether the police arrested you with valid or trumped-up charges. For instance, if the police officers hauled you out of the house without an arrest warrant, it raises suspicion as to whether they were supposed to be at your house legally.

2. Plea bargaining

What is plea bargaining? It’s whereby a defense attorney persuades the prosecutor for a lighter sentence in exchange for the defendant’s confession. For instance, a defendant arrested with a pound of marijuana can get their jail sentence reduced by half if they admit to possessing with intent to distribute.

Are all plea bargains good? No, they’re not. That’s why you need a criminal defense attorney to analyze the offer from a legal standpoint. Your lawyer will make reasonable requests for a better plea deal because the longer your sentence, the harder it is to restore your life.

3. Restricting access to criminal records

One disadvantage of residing in Atlanta is there’s very little you can do to expunge your criminal record. The good news is that you can hire a defense advocate to ensure that only judicial officials can access your past. Doing this means you encounter very low stigma due to spending time in jail.

Did you know that former convicts have very low chances of getting auto loans and mortgages? Why? Because creditors assume that former convicts have a high rate of default. Since you don’t need humiliation, getting a good defense attorney to limit access to your criminal record makes you presentable before creditors.

4. Protect you from falling for dirty tricks police use

During interrogation, you may encounter police officers who get out of line by threatening to do harm to your family members. Some will promise to confiscate your business or personal assets unless you “cooperate”. By “cooperating”, they mean that you should confess to a crime you didn’t do or signing a statement that you didn’t write.

The only way to avoid getting victimized is by having a defense attorney by your side during all interrogation sessions. Your lawyer will prevent you from answering questions intended to fix you in a bad situation.

5. Appeal prison sentences

Do you feel that a friend or relative received an unfair prison sentence? You can get them home sooner by appealing their prison sentence. It’s legal and applicable where there are enough evidence and witnesses to reverse the former ruling.

Your lawyer will gather evidence and statements from the arresting officer for verification. He or she will check for intentional errors, irregularities, or omissions on the police report that misled prosecution. A good attorney also cross-examines witnesses to look for contradictions in their testimonies.

6. Collecting information

In order to build a strong defense, your lawyer needs sufficient credible information. He or she gathers your account of the incident as well as statements from witnesses. Your lawyer verifies your alibis and any documents such as receipts or contracts you provide. In addition, he or she will make copies of CCTV footage to prove your location. They may also obtain your cell phone call and text message logs to understand the nature of your relationship between you and a co-defender or plaintiff.

Your lawyer gathers this information because it enables them to determine whether the arresting officer is using false information to get you behind bars.

7. Protect client from harassment

Sometimes victims tend to take justice into their own hands yet the law states that a suspect remains innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps you’re constantly receiving threatening phone calls from the plaintiff and now have to deal with anxiety and stress. Or, it could be a worse situation where you notice a strange car following you everywhere you go and you fear for your life.

When you have a defense attorney, he will file restraining motions against the plaintiff seeking to do you harm.

8. Explain legal terms to the client

If all court cases were as easy as they seem to appear on Suits-the popular television legal drama, then no one would need a lawyer for the defense. There’s no need of trying to save money by self-representation when your entire life is at stake.

Your success in beating the case depends on understanding legal terms and how local laws affect your situation. That’s why you need someone who’s trained and licensed in Atlanta’s criminal laws.

Avoid jail time by getting the best criminal defense attorney in Atlanta!

A criminal record affects your future in several ways. Your chances of getting the dream job you’ve desired deeply diminish because 9 out of 10 employers steer clear of candidates with criminal records. Banks and credit unions usually reject loan applications from debtors with criminal records.

Fortunately, you can get the charges dropped by getting in touch with the Fitzpatrick Firm LLC the top criminal defense attorneys Atlanta. There’s an enthusiastic and highly experienced attorney waiting to pick your phone call and help you get justice today! You won’t pay anything extra for this phone call because we’re interested in winning the court case.  Call us now.