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In Case Of Car Accident Injury Compensation Fraud

Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be. Have you ever heard about car accident injury compensation fraud? It’s whereby a ring of thieves benefit from getting large settlement checks due to cornering victims using pre-meditated car accidents.

Today, you’ll learn the common tactics used to stage these car accidents and how you can avoid falling victim to this type of scam.

1. 4 tactics commonly used by malicious drivers

1. Swoop and Squat

The intention of this trick is to make a victim collide with the car in front of them. In most cases, victims lose this cases due to the number of “witnesses” present. So, how do the swoop and squat work?

This usually happens at quiet roads or streets with minimum traffic. Two cars moving behind you suddenly accelerate and swoop into your lane. Then, another car approaches closer to yours from either the left or right to prevent you from overtaking. The driver in front suddenly halts so that you can rear-end them.

When you get out to inspect the damage, you immediately encounter all drivers from the three vehicles shouting at you for reckless driving. The driver of the rear-ended car usually has two or three passengers who fake serious injuries in order to manipulate the victim.

2. Side Sweep

Just like the swoop and squat, this trick works by putting the victim at fault for an accident that they didn’t cause intentionally. It also involves a bunch of fake witnesses to pressure the victim into accepting liability. Fraudsters usually target solo drivers for this scam.

Imagine driving on a highway with several lanes. As you near an exit, the car on your left moves closer and closer. Suddenly, the driver halts and you run into his or her car. The driver and a passenger will rush to your car with heated accusations. Why? Because to a casual onlooker, you seem at fault since you refused to slow down for the other car to switch lanes and use the exit.

You’ll see two or three people in the other car acting as if they’ve been seriously injured and the malicious driver immediately warns you of taking legal action.

3. Mr/Mrs. Nice Guy

Sometimes things on the road are not always what they seem to be. It’s actually one of the worst tricks because the fraudsters use kindness to lure victims. In addition, thieves using this method actually do it in streets surrounded by security surveillance cameras and still drive away Scott free.

Imagine yourself on a street with several lanes. You want to turn right so you can get to the mall but there’s a car on the oncoming lane. Sensing your intentions, the driver halts in order to give you the way. As you switch lanes, a speeding car on the incoming lane crushes into yours. The “kind” driver who stopped to give you room speeds off to make it seem like you switched lanes recklessly. Just like the Side sweep, the fraudster driver has a set of “passengers writhing in pain.”

This scam usually targets female solo drivers because fraudsters know that women are more likely to admit liability. It happens near busy high-profile shopping malls due to the high amount of traffic and female solo drivers.

4. Tailgating

Tailgating is whereby a driver drives too close to your rear end bumper. These scammers usually target solo drivers because they lack passengers to put up a strong argument on the spot. Sometimes, it can involve two cars.

If you’re driving on a road with multiple lanes, the tailgater might be working with another driver to fix you. You might notice a driver on the other lane attempting to overtake you. When you slow down, the tailgating driver suddenly hits the brakes and you hear a loud collision. The driver on the other lane speeds away and you’re left with the tailgating driver and his passengers to deal with.

2. How to deal with fake car accident claims

1. Install a front and rear dash cam

Since car accident compensation fraudsters target solo drivers, you best counter-attack is installing a front and rear dashboard camera. You need video footage in court to prove that you were in the right lane and maintaining the speed limit at that particular moment. A dashboard camera can help police investigations by identifying members of the compensation scam present in the crime scene.

2. Take close-up pictures of the accident scene immediately

If you’ve just fallen victim to a swoop and squat scam, you can strengthen your defense by taking pictures of the cars in front and beside you. Doing this helps police to identify and arrest the suspects sooner than later. It also enables you to determine the damage costs by capturing all damages sustained during the accident. Why? Because sometimes, fraudsters work in cahoots with auto mechanic shops to inflate your bill by including fake damages.

3. Order the injured drivers and passengers to undergo an independent medical examination

Highly experienced car accident fraudsters have tight networks of corrupt auto mechanics, medical doctors, and insurance adjusters. When a fraudster stages an accident, they can get any amount for pain and suffering because his or her doctor will cook up a medical report rather doing a real assessment of injuries. Fortunately, you can hire a personal injury attorney to get a court order compelling the victim to undergo a thorough medical examination by an independent doctor.

Stay alert on the road

When you notice a vehicle that suddenly swoops in front of you, starts decelerating. Doing this will frustrate the malicious driver because you create enough braking distance between you and his or her car. Make sure your dashcam is rolling so that you can write down the suspect’s number plate and report them to the nearest police station.

If you find yourself in any of the four situations discussed in this situation, just get a car accident injury attorney right away. Why? Because your lawyer will be able to expose the ill-intentioned driver plus his network of corrupt doctors and insurance adjusters.

If in case of doubt in what to do after the car accident you are wise to consult the advice of a car accident attorney in Atlanta.  You’re advised to call within 24 hours of your car accident.

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