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Best Tips To Find The Right Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney For Your Case

Are you in a hospital right now due to a truck accident but your mind is restless because you lack health insurance coverage? To make matters worse, you’re constantly receiving phone calls from the trucking company’s insurance adjusters. Should you talk to them before getting an Atlanta truck accident attorney? Absolutely not!

Truck accidents are complex because there’s usually more than one liable party. In addition, you need someone who understands truck-driving laws in Georgia.

A. Why is it important to hire a truck accident lawyer immediately after an accident?

1. The trucking company already has lawyers on stand-by

Trucking companies already know that truck driving is quite risky due to the massive size of a commercial vehicle compared to a vehicle used for personal use. In order to minimize expenses involved in settling claims, insurance companies retain a team of lawyers well-versed in federal and state laws. This team will do everything possible to get you to admit liabilities in order to disqualify you from compensation. One tactic, for example, is to demand a statement right after the accident without informing you that you have a right to an attorney.

Rather than hope for the best, defend yourself by hiring a good lawyer. Our team stays updated on current amendments to the law governing truck driving accidents in Atlanta, Georgia. We have a better understanding of how local trucking companies respond to accident victims. Doing this prevents you from unknowingly accepting liabilities.

2. We help you to preserve all evidence from the accident scene

A few trucking companies use dirty tricks to avoid compensating accident victims. One of them is clearing any incriminating evidence inside or around the truck. You can’t beat them at this game because some trucking companies work in cahoots with insurance adjusters. This helps them to know what things to remove or hide in an accident scene to avoid liabilities.

A truck accident lawyer will petition the court to block all access to the accident scene. Why? Because the truck’s black box can easily disappear and make it difficult for your lawyer to prove negligence. If you observed incriminating evidence in an accident, inform your lawyer immediately so that he or she can preserve it as evidence.

3. We know the complex trucking laws

One reason a truck accident isn’t the same as a car accident is because both drivers operate on different licenses. A truck driver can drive a personal car at any time; however, an ordinary motorist requires going to driving school and obtaining a special license to operate a commercial vehicle. Atlanta has its own unique state laws regulating commercial vehicles and the introduction of new laws happen at least once every three years.

While it’s possible to represent yourself in court, it’s impossible to amass sufficient knowledge to competently handle a trucking case.  Plus, you need plenty of time to regain your health and resume employment. Rather than suffer embarrassment in front of the trucking company’s lawyers, just count on Atlanta truck accident attorneys to save the day.

4. We help you to determine the full extent of your damages

Google cannot show you exactly how insurance companies calculate compensation for pain and suffering. That’s because insurance companies intentionally hide this information. They also take advantage of this lack of information by offering accident victims very low compensation. Basically, a trucking company depends on the victim’s ignorance to avoid covering the full extent of damages.

If you want to receive the best deal compensation for your pain and suffering, you need a lawyer to do a thorough evaluation. Why? Because you don’t want to spend the next five years in debt due to incurring high medical bills that you weren’t supposed to pay.

5. We help identify parties responsible for the accident

Unlike auto accidents where drivers absorb all liabilities, truck accidents involve several people. A truck driver can deny liability on grounds that his supervisor forced him to drive with serious mechanical problems. Then, the offender might blame the auto manufacturer for selling faulty trucks. A simple case can become inherently more complex.

Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney enables you to identify who’s responsible for your compensation. Our firm’s truck accident lawyers know how to gather relevant information from the trucking company and auto manufacturer within a very short time. This reduces the amount of time you’ll wait to receive your compensation check.

B. Tips on how to win your truck accident case

1. Take close up photos of the accident scene

If your injuries don’t affect your mobility or visibility, get out of your car then take photos of the accident scene. Focus on the point of collision, skid marks, and other vehicles. Do you smell alcohol on the offender’s breath? Just walk towards the truck and take pictures of any alcoholic beverages present. However, if your injuries are too painful, you can request your passengers to take the photos.

Taking photos immediately after the collision helps you to build up a strong case in your favor. Why? Capturing all the evidence before the trucking company sends over insurance adjusters who might tamper it.

2. Seek medical attention immediately

After taking enough close-up photos of your accident scene, go to the nearest hospital for medical examination. A proper and thorough medical diagnosis will allow you to get the best recovery in your case.

It’s also necessary to determine whether you’ll need long-term treatment. Waiting for several weeks provides the truck’s lawyer a good chance to argue that your injuries or illnesses occurred as a result of neglecting to seek medical attention right after crashing.

Take the first step today!

Make sure you gather all your medical bills and receipts for medication when meeting with Atlanta truck accident attorneys. If you have a dashboard camera, make copies of the footage when the accident took place. If you had passengers in the car, bring them with you to our law firm because we need witness statements to build up a strong defense.

If the offender’s insurance adjusters threaten you in any way, report them to your attorney immediately.

At the Fitzpatrick firm defending you in truck accident cases is our specialty. Call us now for a completely FREE evaluation of your case.