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An accident can really happen at any time.  When it happens you may want to call an attorney to ask for advice.  Things that you say to the police may hurt you later if and when your case is going to settlement.  You may have inadvertently admitted your faults etc.

At The Fitzpatrick Firm LLC, we do care about our customers and we want to put their worried minds at ease.  Admit it accident can really change your life in so many ways. There are so many horror stories about people one minute is fine and the next they can get into the legal mess or lose time and work and other important life’s challenges.

There was a story of this innocent woman whose life turned upside down and she ended up homeless sleeping on the sidewalk of New York City.  Her situation seems impossible to happen but it did happen.  She got into an accident on the bus and although she paid the government taxes which supposed to kick in and helped her with her disability that money never came.  She lost her job thus she lost her income and lost her home.  She is now waiting for housing to open as well as looking for people who can help her with her case.

Personal Injury Attorneys can get into a lot of heated debates over having to defend cases that were fraudulent.  Sometimes people just pretense to fall and sue the establishment.  As a Personal Injury Attorney, our job is to protect and defend and we have to do it under oath.  You’ll find that in any society there will always be a group of people who take advantages of the system and try to get away with few bucks. We really are not here to judge but only to do our job with the best of our abilities and know how.

So you ever need 24 hours Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta to know that we are here for you.

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