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Contact us about your case today! The initial consultation is free. We are prepared to fight for your legal rights! As our client, you’re served and protected to the best of our ability.  Your win is our win. My team of attorneys is highly experienced in understanding the law and use it to help our clients achieve their objectives. Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney? One of the most difficult aspects of resolving any personal injury claim is properly assessing the total value of the claim. A number of tangible and intangible factors must be considered in determining the value of your personal injury claim. A personal injury claim can include pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other economic losses. In addition, the spouse of an injured person may also have a claim for the loss of their injured spouse’s services. In some circumstances, even a claim for punitive damages may be appropriate in personal injury matters.

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5.0 stars – Posted by Ariel

I highly recommend this attorney for hire  We were from New Orleans La. and he kept his Word and did what he said he was going to do 10 stars for him.

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There are numerous factors to assess in order to determine the value of any claim. These factors may include the jurisdiction where the case is to be tried, the nature of the other party’s conduct, prior injuries and any other factual circumstances that may impact a jury. Insurance companies and corporations generally utilize databases to determine verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases of a similar nature to determine what they consider to be an appropriate settlement. If a person is not represented, the insurance company or corporation will very often attempt to take advantage of the unrepresented party. Often these companies and corporations will try to reach a settlement with the person that is far below what the person could reasonably expect to obtain at trial or if represented by counsel. Our attorneys combine their training and experience to determine the appropriate settlement value for our clients’ personal injury matters. We evaluate all of the factors that are considered by insurance companies or corporations when looking to place value on a claim and also many others. This way we are able to ensure that any settlement is just and fair for our clients. Generally, we are able to obtain a settlement that more completely compensates our clients after attorney’s fees are deducted.


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We will protect your legal rights and maximize your recovery!  Consult us within 24 hours of the accident!

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We provide competent legal counsel that can safely guide you and your family through any accident.

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Whether your case stems from a Slip and Fall, Auto Accident, or Medical Negligence, we have the experience to assist you.

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We have successfully defended our clients from criminal charges in both the Federal and State courts.  Call us if you need legal representation.


  • Fought With Virtue (Read More Here )
    Like with anything in life, you’re naturally uncertain about the potential outcomes of situations when involving others to fight on your behalf. I’m a firm believer in standing alone because I’ve been programmed to believe nobody can fight for me better than me. In this case, I was clearly wrong.
  • Awesome Representation (Read More)
    I highly recommend this attorney for hire We were from New Orleans La. and he kept his Word and did what he said he was going to do 10stars for him.
  • Phenomenal Lawyer!!! Beat Tough DUI case!!! (Read More)
    If there were ever a case where you needed to walk on water to be found not guilty, this was it! I am typically an optimistic individual in most areas of life. However, for the first time in my life, I was slightly hopeless. That fear was quickly demolished when Mr. Fitzpatrick defended me in court. He radiated nothing short of brilliance in the courtroom. You could not tell me that he did not walk on water! He is ambitious, fearless, clever, respectful, honest, competent, professional and the best lawyer in Atlanta! Trust me, I have had my share of lawyers. If you hire him I’m sure you will be more than satisfied, I certainly am!
  • Superb Service (Read More)
    Attorney Fitzpatrick is an excellent lawyer. During my initial consultation, Mr. Fitzpatrick was very attentive as he gathered details to determine the strength of my case. During the three year period from the initial consultation to my trial date, Mr. Fitzpatrick diligently gathered evidence and developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure a victory for me. I was impressed with Mr. Fitzpatrick’s confidence as well as his accessibility. He always responded to my telephone calls and text messages in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mr. Fitzpatrick for all of your legal needs.
  • Professional, honest, and reliable (Read More)
    Nathan provided me with excellent representation at a fair price. I was in a situation as results of overzealous cops and proved me with the counsel and legal expertise that resolved the situation. I would recommend his services to anyone who himself in a bind. Needless to say, my case was resolved without a DUI conviction, jail time, and loss of license. I owe my freedom, peace of mind, and wellbeing to the efforts of Nathan Fitzpatrick.
  • When I was referred to the Fitzpatrick Firm by a coworker, I never expected to find an attorney who was first and foremost concerned about me, my health and my future. My attorney was knowledgeable, attentive and he always kept his word, up until the day I received my settlement. He treated me as if I was the most important client that he had.
    Y.M. – Personal Injury Client
  • The Fitzpatrick Firm will always have me as a client. They had enough knowledge and experience to advise me of my right to a recovery from my injuries, and they had the determination to actually get me that recovery. All I can say is Well Done.
    A. G. – Personal Injury Client


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Let’s face it. No one really likes looking for car injury lawyers when things are going well. That’s why it’s easy to get duped by a quack presenting him or herself as the best expert for your car or motorcycle accident. So how can you know and hire the best car accident lawyer? In order…

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney? When you find yourself in a complex conflict, you can save yourself plenty of time and avoid stress by getting one. Let’s look at some of the responsibilities a personal injury lawyer takes to ensure you get a decent compensation. 1. Represent you in complex cases Let’s…

Are initial free legal consultations important? Yes, they are in a couple of ways. Speaking to an attorney immediately after an accident enables you to avoid getting tricked by the defendant’s insurance adjusters. You also learn what you shouldn’t do during an ongoing trial. Let’s look at how to find the best car accident lawyers…

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